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Regular Brokerage Account:

Name Sym Shares Value Gain/Loss
Advance Auto Parts AAP 20.819 $1,271.83 $30.00 AMZN 23.495 $999.01 69 $252.03
Cabela’s CAB 26.247 $527.83 $29.92
Carnival Cruise Lines CCL 20.467 $1,002.88 $5.78
Citigroup C 0.047 $2.03 ($0.20)
Dick’s Sporting Goods DKS 49.230 $1,518.25 ($222.71)
eBay EBAY 25.911 $1,024.00 $19.85
US Real Estate Index IYR 8.675 $551.38 $43.66
Lowes LOW 24.887 $1,564.15 $71.31
Michaels Stores MIK 18.215 $653.55 ($92.21)
PetsMart PETM 49.012 $1,233.14 ($261.83)
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers RRGB 18.986 $862.15 ($111.88)
Target TGT 17.413 $943.96 ($6.55)
Total $12,154.18 ($242.83)

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Roth IRA Account:

Name Sym Shares Value Gain/Loss
DJ Select Dividend Fund DVY 0.061 $3.80 $0.03
MSCI Emerging Markets Index EEM 21.882 $1,678.35 $184.46
US Real Estate Index IYR 49.780 $3,164.02 $142.60
S&P SmallCap 600/BARRA Value IJS 23.788 $1,493.89 ($3.09)
Pengrowth Energy Trust A PGH 23.853 $568.89 $60.42
Primewest Energy PWI 19.935 $557.98 $52.48
Total $7,466.93 $436.90

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Name Value
INVESCO 500 INDEX TRUST $49,275.73
Total $203,529.59

See listings at Yahoo Finance

Bunches of my stocks are down again today. All of the stuff in my Roth IRA is up for the day so far. Red Robin (RRGB) has come up a bunch today though.
Did some work over the weekend. I modified this site a little to put the Google Adsense add over on the left side where I have read it will get a better click through rate. I also modified it to blend in with the site which I read will also improve the CTR. I added an alternate add link, so that if Google doesn’t have any adds to serve up, it will display an Amazon ad instead. We’ll see how it works. I also worked on listing more used books on Amazon. I need to work figuring out the manufacturing process for the 2 piece bo (6 foot martial arts staff) that I want to produce. I have made some progress, but not completely happy with the results. Still needs to be better before I will try to sell it.

Dick’s Sporting Goods earnings grew 24%, but lowered estimates for next quarter, and is dropping like a rock! The whole market is dropping big time! My Roth IRA is still holding on well. Oh well!

Apparently Red Robin CEO Michael Snyder resigned after an internal investigation revealed that he misused the corporate jet, and expense account. I am assuming the drop is temporary. I wish I had some free cash to invest.
I just bought a drill press. I just got back from a karate tournament, and needed to take a bo (six foot staff), but airline (Delta) had a size limit of 62 inches. I bought a 2-piece bo that was made of graphite, but it is too light. I actually lost points because of the light bo. I have an idea of how to make my own normal weight, normal size wooden bo. And once I get the process down, I think I can make them and sell them. So the drill press is an investment.

It was down yesterday, but it dropped even more today! Yuck! Oh well! I wish I had some extra cash lying about that I could invest. I have some money, but I am holding that back to pay the balance on my credit card. I wanna keep it at zero.

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