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I am tired! I finally got David Bach’s book The Automatic Millionaire on CD at the local library. I put a hold on it over a month ago, and my turn came around. I have been listening to it in my car, and am on the last disk. I will probably write a review when I am finished.
I am listening to The Warren Buffett Portfolio by Robert G. Hagstrom while sitting here at my desk. It is interesting, but much of it is over my head. I am trying to absorb at least some of the material.
When I get a chance, I have been reading Peter Lynch’s book Beating The Street. This book is much more accessable and easy to understand.
Wall Street has been having a wacked day! Many of my stocks were up in the pre-market, then dropped. My newer stocks which were up yesterday, while my older bought stocks, and the market were down. Today, my newer stocks dropped, while the ones that dropped yesterday, are up. But now the whole market seems to be angling up again.
Google still has not indexed my site. The site which overwrote mine (due to a foul up by my and the other webmaster’s hosting service) is indexed in Google, yet mine which was up 2-3 weeks earlier is not. Google has crawled at least some of my sites pages on multiple occasions, but has yet to include any of them in it’s index.
At least it is Friday! I am looking forward to having a relaxing weekend…at least relaxing some. There is a lot of stuff to do.

Buy And Hold account:

Name Sym Shares Value AMZN 23.495 $766.41
Carnival Cruise Lines CCL 15.727 $752.85
Citigroup C 5.082 $235.04
Coca-Cola Company KO 17.378 $742.56
eBay EBAY 7.965 $253.21
General Electric GE 6.892 $246.04
Merck MRK 8.590 $286.91
SBC Communications SBC 20.460 $482.04
Target TGT 3.749 $175.90
Verizon VZ 6.932 $243.45
US Real Estate Index IYR 4.294 $502.96
S&P Smallcap 600/BARRA Growth Index IJT 2.345 $232.01
Vanguard Total Stock Market-Vipers VTI 2.139 $237.94
Buy And Hold account Total $5,157.33

Buy And Hold Roth IRA account:

Name Sym Shares Value
IShares DJ Select Dividend Index DVY 8.209 $483.35
IShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index EEM 2.389 $468.84
US Real Estate Index IYR 8.896 $1,041.99
US Energy Sector Index IYE 6.455 $451.79
Pengrowth Energy Trust A PGH 12.216 $246.76
Primewest Energy PWI 10.361 $241.41
Buy And Hold Roth IRA account Total $2,934.14

After wrestling with the descision of whether to buy Target, or Lowes, I decided on Target. I shop at Target more often than I shop at Lowes. The GM stock sold for $180. So I put in an order to buy $177 worth of Target ($180-$2.99 transaction fee). It will take place in the 12:30pm window.

After the sale of my GM stock goes through, I should have about $180. I have been looking at both Lowes (LOW) and Target (TGT). I think both are solid growth companys with lots of potential. Lowes has better future earnings estimates, but if you look at the stock prices, Target has gone up faster in the last 1 year, and 2 year periods. If you walk into a Home Depot (HD) or a Lowes, they are pretty much the same. I guess you could compare Tagret with a K-Mart (SHLD), but Target ‘feels’ better. I have always liked Target, and was excited when they first built one in the area where I now live. So my gut is telling me to go with Target over Lowes, evn though Lowes seems to have better numbers. I went against my gut feeling when I bought the GM, and that turned out to be a mistake. In reality, I think either Target or Lowes would be a good choice. I could alway buy some of one, and then buy some of the other in a week or two. I amd thinking I will go with Target.

I decided to sell my little bit of General Motors (GM) stock. It is the purchace I most regret. Would I buy it now? No. I don’t even like GM cars. They are junk!. I drive a Honda, and am a fan of thier cars. If I had it to do over again, I might have bought Honda (HMC) instead. I still might. I could leave the GM stock in my portfolio, but the reasons I bought the stock no longer fit with my current strategies. I am starting to concentrate on companies who’s products or services I use or like. But I am also learning more about how to analyse the stocks, and am hopefully picking better ones. My purchase of GM was a mistake, so instead of holding on to a loser, I am selling it, and will invest the proceeds into something else. I already put the sell order in for the 10am window tomorrow.

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