In the 2005 tax year I managed to max out my Roth IRA and my wife’s Roth IRA for $4000 each. I also came within about $100 of maxing out my 401k at $14000. I would have gotten closer on the 401k if I could have but my contributions are in whole number percentages so I couldn’t contribute a fraction percentage that would have gotten me to $14000. I suppose I could have bumped up my percentage for the last payroll period and bumped it down again. I don’t want to go over the $14000 earlier than the last pay period or I will miss out on my company’s matching amount.
Over all I am pretty proud of myself. Now I can start maxing out our Roth IRA’s for 2006 tax year. I have already adjust adjusted my 401k contributions to take me up to the $15000 limit for $2006.