I have been seeing infomercials for some get rich quick thing. Their website is 17makethemoney.com. They don’t give a lot of information about what the whole thing is about. But do offer to send a free DVD.
I went to the website and filled out the info for the free DVD. They ask more questions than I would have thought. I got an email from someone there within a couple hours. Apparently they tried to call me using the phone number I left on the form. Apparently, I had accidently filled out the phone number with my old area code. I am not sure I like them calling me within hours of frequesting a free dvd. I just wanted more information about what the program was about. A phone call that fast seems kind of hard sell. My first instinct is that that the whole thing is designed to make the 17makethemoney.com people rich, not the customers.
I haven’t decided whether I will reply back with my correct phone. I may reply back and tell them send the DVD then we’ll talk.