1001 Ways To Cut Costs-Jonathan D. Pond

1001 Ways To Cut Costs by Jonathan D. Pond

I was at the local library glacning through their book sale section, and stumbled upon this book 1001 Ways To Cut Your Expenses. I picked it up, and started thumbing through it and liked what I saw. I bought the new-condition book for a dollar. Many things I already knew and practice such as #406-Don’t get optional coverage on auto rentals (because it is usually covered on your regular auto insurance), or #510 Quit playing the lottery, or #340 Keep cars longer and #345 Buy a good used car rather than an expensive new car. There are some outdated ones such as #577 Buy stocks in round lots (it’s really not expensive to buy odd lots these days). And then there is the strange #97 Get a goat (it will mow your lawn, and give you milk and cheese (eeewwww). The book is crammed with ideas and organized into sections (Home, Shopping, Big Ticket Items, Relationships, Family Finanaces, Your Career, Leisure, Later Life, and Putting Savings Into Action). This is a cool book!
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